"The Art of Coaching Through the Understanding of Movement"


What is Strongfit?


Strongfit is developed by Julien Pineut and Richard Aveces, they have created a system to educate and empower coaches to become Movement Specialists, so that they can make a difference in everyone they work with. They are empowering a community of deeply-committed coaches who want to help, fix and truly influence others. 


Our common goal? To create better humans.


The Strongfit principles.


To become a better human you cannot just look at one part, you have to look at the combination of all aspects. Work on improving your training, nutrition, sleep and mindset. Increase your knowledge about how different systems are working. Make sure you don’t just read information but you use the information, explore it, test it and improve it towards what works for you.



  • Building structure, a solid base, learn how to use the connection of the 2 torque chains
  • Challenge the base under intensity 
  • Then add the specialization movements (where precision and speed is needed)



  • Eat for what is coming
  • Fats / Carbs / Protein



  • The difference between sleep and good sleep and how it impacts you
  • How to improve your sleep quality



  • Expectations vs outcome 
  • Objectives vs constraints
  • How to get the most out of each training


Body Systems (nervous system):

  • Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • How training, nutrition, and breathing all influences the Nervous System
  • The difference between Fight / Flow / Flight / Freeze