Network of specialists I love to work with.


Besides my knowledge and experiences to guide you I’m also working together with people who are specialists in their work field. They are also open to work together with others to get the best results for their clients. Not one person has all the knowledge in everything, but if we all combine our strengths it can become pretty powerful.


Barry Wiersma - Mylogenics Specialist (Release / Activation / Rehab) - based in Den Haag/Rijswijk

Marieke Bender - Sports Psychologist / VSPN® and GZ-psychologist - based in Den Haag/Scheveningen

Francis James - Manuele Technieken en gewrichtsmobilisaties. Therapeutische massages & Myofasciale technieken

- based in Den Haag

Dr. Tony Murray (DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABVR, FABES), Chiropractic Neurologist and owner of Murray Chiropractic Neurology (MCN)

- based in St. Petersburg (Florida, USA)


Murray Chiropractic Neurology has had great success with a Brain-Based Approach to therapy utilizing Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine. Whether you are suffering from a common condition that chiropractic can treat, or uncommon conditions that you may have been referred to a Medical Neurologist for, there is a great chance that we may help to improve your neurological function, get you out of pain, and end your suffering before it gets any worse!

Our most compromised patients receive a thorough neurological examination. We also put together a complete health history to give us an accurate picture of the patient’s concerns as well as the functional state of his or her health. We assess the sensory, reflex, cardiovascular, and abdominal systems, as well as balance, coordination, and muscle strength. We also conduct a detailed chiropractic evaluation of joint mechanics, gait, and functional movement. Our goal is to not only identify problems, but to determine how to best restore our patients’ health and functionality.

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