Do you have pains & aches that don't seem to go away?

Do you want to learn how to improve your movements and/or your recovery?

Do you have trouble connecting with your muscles; are you compensating with the wrong ones?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then contact me now and we will work on it together. Within 8 till 12 weeks, in combination with your usual training, you will see and feel a significant improvement. 


What does our basic package contain:

  • 5 times an hour of personal training 
  • feedback contact moment each time the day after our personal training session
  • videos of all your exercises with clear and personal instructions for you
  • online / printed program for 8 weeks of training by yourself
  • During 8 weeks you will have weekly contact moments to review your process



  • first basic package 420,-
  • optional extra PT sessions during the 8 weeks (55,- per session)
  • optional 3 extra sessions after we finished the current project if a new issue rises (180,-)


Shall we start? Sign up through through the form below, or contact me directly: 



No matter what lives will throw at you, we will throw the right things into the mix so you

keep making a step towards your goal with each session! 

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